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Our strengths

The biomass gasification burner produced by our company adopts new engineering thermal technology to produce high-quality combustible gas for direct combustion, and the biomass combustion rate is over 98%. There is no need for desulfurization equipment and tall chimneys. The structure is scientific, It is easy to operate, low operating cost, high thermal efficiency, and widely used fuel.

Shenyang Shenggongyi Technology Co., Ltd.

Save energy and reduce costs

The product has wide requirements for fuels, with integrated devices and boilers, high-temperature gas transmission, direct combustion, and reduced heat loss. Two kilograms of particles have the same calorific value as one cubic meter of natural gas, and the price of particles is relatively stable.

Shenyang Shenggongyi Technology Co., Ltd.

Low temperature gasification, not easy to coke

Using biomass high-temperature and low-oxygen technology, various fuels are gasified in the primary combustion chamber, namely biomass gasifier, to produce high-temperature biomass combustible gas, which solves the problem of insufficient direct combustion of biomass and serious carbon dust emissions Exceeding the standard, the problem of clogging the dust bag.

Shenyang Shenggongyi Technology Co., Ltd.

Stable transmission and high slag removal efficiency

The chain grate is made of high-temperature resistant silicon five materials, and the air is supplied under the grate, which solves the problem of burning of the grate and greatly improves the operation stability and service life of the equipment.

Shenyang Shenggongyi Technology Co., Ltd.

Ignition freely, safe and reliable

Automatic ignition is adopted, so that there is no gas emission after the furnace is closed before the furnace is started, and the unsafe hidden danger caused by gas leakage is effectively avoided. The furnace can be ignited and pressed freely, and the bottom fire can be retained for 24 hours. Through the full combustion of biomass gas, the conveying system is unblocked without tar blockage and secondary pollution, and it is convenient to adjust the power of the hot end and to overhaul the equipment.

Shenyang Shenggongyi Technology Co., Ltd.

Suitable design, various combinations

Semi-automatic or full-automatic operation can be adopted according to user needs, which can not only reform the original boiler to biomass biomass gasification combustion, but also design and install the existing boiler house appropriately (within a radius of 20 meters), which solves the problem of boiler The problem of small room space.

Shenyang Shenggongyi Technology Co., Ltd.

Rapid pressure rise and high thermal efficiency

Starting on the basis of a hot furnace, the boosting time ratio is much lower than that of a traditional bulk coal boiler (within 5 minutes). The boiler and furnace have reasonable structure and advanced technology, and the heat efficiency of gasification and combustion can reach more than 98%. The air supply of the grate adopts a multi-point gradual preheating and oxygen supplement from bottom to top. The oxygen supplement is more uniform as the fuel thickens. There is no dead corner on the oxidation plane. The aluminum silicate in the furnace is water-cooled and air-cooled with multi-layer thermal insulation. Heat, reduce the heat loss of gasification and combustion zone.

Shenyang Shenggongyi Technology Co., Ltd.

Environmental protection up to standard, ash utilization

When working, there is no smoke and dust emission, no black slag is discharged from the furnace (over water, no dust is discharged), no slag falls, and there is very little slag. It can be directly made into biomass fertilizer or building bricks.



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